Prayer Request

Your prayer request opens the door and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door at all times, in all situations, to join with you.  Please know that you are a holy and precious Child of God and that God is always with you.

Your prayer request is received by our Prayer Request Team who will pray on your behalf for the next 30 days. Please indicate if you desire anyone to contact you and, if so, leave us a phone number to call you.  Also, let us know if you would like your request to be included on the prayer list in the worship bulletin.

In Him,

Our Prayer Request Team

Prayer List:

Members: Beth Thomas (gall bladder surgery 10-23); Ruth Ann Swart (knee replacement); Ashley Wagoner (fall, two broken arms); Margaret Boardman (pacemaker surgery 11-3); Dennis Strand (knee replacement 11-11, LNRMC); Dan Leone (Prostate surgery 11-13); Goldie Schultz (pain); Linda Clark (spine surgery 11-19); Earlene Whitaker (treatment).

Friends & Family: Ric Browne (surgery; pneumonia, close friend of Tom & Lorri Monterose); Missy Campbell (ovarian cancer, friend of Cora Lee Pless); Family of Rachel Jenkins (died from brain cancer, friend of Rachel & Olivia Clark); Luther Monson (surgery; colon cancer, father of Priscilla Abraham); Harriett Hepler (cardiomyopathy, sister of Barbara Overcash); Cliff Czarnogursky (cancer treatment, friend of Paul & Meredith Brodland); Phyllis Monterose (rehabilitation, mother of Tom Monterose); Nancy Meyers (treatment, sister of Carol Feiste); Heather Jennings (accident & foot surgery 9-29, daughter of Linda Clark); Willie Gabriel (broken hip surgery 9-21, cousin of Cora Lee Pless); Jeanette Repczynski (treatment, niece of Barbara Wenzel); Leslie Pipan (treatment, NC WELCA Board Member, friend of Lorri Monterose); Gavin Miller (brain tumor surgery, friend of the Diekman’s); Cleo Lamar (stroke, mother of Mary Jo Pless); Will Walker (stroke, friend of Susan Bostian); Sandy Wisecarver (treatment, sister of Judy Aro).