Prayer Request

Your prayer request opens the door and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door at all times, in all situations, to join with you.  Please know that you are a holy and precious Child of God and that God is always with you.

Your prayer request is received by our Prayer Request Team who will pray on your behalf for the next 30 days. Please indicate if you desire anyone to contact you and, if so, leave us a phone number to call you.  Also, let us know if you would like your request to be included on the prayer list in the worship bulletin.

In Him,

Our Prayer Request Team


                PRAYER CONCERNS:  

Please remember all our home-bound and nursing home residents; caregivers of those who are ill; those searching for employment; and all who serve in the military. 

Members: Bev Sarro (stenosis of aortic valve); Bill Swart (kidney stone surgery 8-15); Ruth Wagoner (stroke); Gail Walther (carpel tunnel surgery 8-10); Nancy Tyree (hip surgery 8-10); Marilyn Boardman (carpel tunnel surgery 8-12); Brenda Joyce (heart bypass surgery, 7-26); Joe English (Serenity House); Mary McDuffie (treatment).

Friends & Family: Meredith & Bradley (difficult pregnancy, friends of Pastor Dave); Libby Phillips (car accident, friend of the Leone’s and Boardman’s); Barry Sheldon (stage 4 lung cancer, friend of Wayne Reif); Ann Cameron Sherman (breast cancer, cousin of Betsy Roseman); Cora Hager (broken hip, surgery 7-26, mother of Chris Ervin); Dick Skaff (complications from back surgery, cousin of Mitch Abraham); Teresa Hall (stroke, niece of Joan Rinehardt); Drew Blalock (Leukemia, 6 yr old friend of the McCoy’s); Mollie Duncan (strength and healing; breast cancer, step-sister-in-law of Bill Elkin); Richard Collins (treatment, step-father of Chanda McCoy); Laurie Werner (lung cancer, daughter of B.K. & Laura Barringer); Angie Metzger (breast cancer, daughter of John Earnhardt); Stephanie Hedrick (heart issues, granddaughter of John Earnhardt); Chuck Martin (Parkinson’s & cancer, father of Robert Martin); Paul Sarro (MRSA, son of Bev Sarro); Marshall Antosek (stem cell transplant, 2 yr. old cousin of the Redden’s); B.A. Watson (cancer treatment, son of Fay Nell Ratledge); Sara Everts (bile duct tumor, friend of the Van Horn’s); Jason LeBrun (rehabilitation, cousin of Donna Enroth).