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Nursery Sick Policy

It shall be the policy of the Nursery of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church to provide a clean and healthy environment for the children in our care.  It will be our policy to follow the following guidelines in determining when a child will not be permitted to stay in the nursery:


1.     A child will not be permitted to remain in the nursery if any of the following symptoms or conditions occur:

a.     Heavy discharge from the nose

b.     Discharge from the ears

c.     Severe, persistent cough and/or sneezing

d.     Fever higher than 100 degrees

e.     Cases of any infectious disease or condition that may include but are not limited to chickenpox, measles, hand/foot/mouth disease, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

i.     The Christian Education Director and nursery staff will consult appropriate resources to gather information on the disease/condition and ensure safety of the infected child and all other children and adults in the nursery through proper infectious disease control procedures including disinfection of the nursery environment.

ii.     In any of the above cases, a doctor’s note verifying that the child is no longer contagious will be required before the child can return to the nursery.

iii.     The identity of the child will be kept confidential, disclosed only to the appropriate nursery and church staff.

iv.     In extreme cases, parents of other children receiving nursery care may be informed of the case of illness, but even in these cases, the identity of the child will be kept confidential.

2.    Nursery and church staff will not administer medicine to children unless the medication is for a chronic, non-infectious condition of the nature that to deny the medications would be threatening to the child (i.e., inhalers, epi-pins).  In such a case, a current Doctor's note from the prescribing physician must be provided by the parent/guardian.