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General Guidelines for Functions using the Church Buildings

  • Areas of use are to be reserved with the church office on first come basis. Application forms available by download below or in the church office should be filled out to provide details of the facilities required, phone numbers and responsible individuals to contact.
  • When you reserve an area please allow time for setup and clean up of the area so that you do not conflict with other groups using the same area.
  • No alcoholic beverages / no smoking in the building allowed.
  • Use of RED drinks (punch, Kool-aid, Cheerwine, etc) and YELLOW mustard are discouraged, stains from spills of these items are nearly impossible to remove.
  • Serving table carpet protectors (3x10 ft fabric door mats) should be used during food service. The mats should be spot cleaned/vacuumed after use and stored under the stage.
  • No decorations may be used which are attached by nails, staples or any other means which may damage any woodwork or painted surfaces.
  • If you rearrange tables or chairs, please put them back in place. Tables and chairs should be stored after use unless instructed otherwise.
  • Tables and chairs are not to be taken from the building.
  • Materials used and items created during a function should be properly stored at the completion of the function to allow others to use the same area after you leave.
  • If you find something broken please report it to the Property Committee or the church office.
  • The sexton is responsible for regular cleaning of the facility, but each room is not cleaned every day and work is not normally performed on weekends. Most areas are cleaned once or twice a week. Therefore, each function should leave the facility clean and fully usable for the group to follow. In general, please leave the building in the same or better condition than you found it.
  • Specific areas where special attention is required by the responsible party at the completion of a function are:
    • Bathrooms - Please make sure paper products are available in the fixtures, toilets are flushed, counters are neat and trashcans are not overflowing.
    • Floors – Please pick up trash and police the area(s) used.  Spills on hard surfaces should be mopped dry. Spills on carpeted areas should be cleaned and blotted as dry as possible. The carpeted areas should be vacuumed if food is served or craftwork is conducted.
    • Kitchen – see special instructions on previous page.
    • Foyer – Please pick up trash and vacuum carpet runners.
  • The type of activity, number of people involved and the length of the activity will all affect the level of cleaning necessary to leave the facility as it was found prior to the function and ready for the next.
  • At the completion of the function, please turn off lights, heat or A/C and make sure the doors are locked.
  • Separate guidelines are available by download below or in the church office for Non-Church Functions and use by Outside Organizations.
  • User must check out a key if needed from the church office no more than 48 hours in advance of the event. The key must be returned by the following business day unless special arrangements have been made.
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